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Utility Commander

Imagine being able to stop water damage with the first trickle of a leak. The Utility Commander does just that and more!

Prevent Headaches! The Utility Commander Shut-Off Valve prevents uncontrolled water from damaging your home and belongings. By preventing flood damage, you avoid costly repairs and insurance claim hassles!

Save Energy! With the Utility Commander's Automated Thermostat Controller you can maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning while saving money! Our Automated Thermostat Controller allows you to keep the temperature constant to fit your lifestyle. Heading home after vacation and want to cool the house down before you get there? One phone call or click of a mouse and it's done!

Conserve water! Smart Sprinklers are the simplest, most effective way to prevent sprinklers from coming on during or after a rain. Using sensors, Smart sprinklers command controllers to shut off the moment it starts to rain, not after it accumulates - or -inch on your driveway. Smart Sprinklers reduce your utility bills and conserve water.

The Utility Commander is your answer to effective utility management.

Utility Commander comes with the following:
1 • Remote Life System
1 • Water Leak Detector
1 • Main Water Shut-Off Valve
1 • Automated Thermostat Controller
1 • Smart Sprinklers
  • Installation & Training
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