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For the Parents

As a parent, you face a host of problems that are unique to the "art" of raising children. With tORB Remote Life, your home becomes a place that you can always monitor. Whenever you need to know who is home and what is happening, Remote Life is ready to spring into action. Some of the things that Remote Life can do for you are:

  • Make you a virtual babysitter when you are not home.
  • Open the door from work if your child is accidentally locked out of the house.
  • Be instantly notified when someone comes home.
  • Get an e-mail of the front porch when someone comes home.
  • Turn off the TV to make sure homework gets done.
  • Peek in on the babysitter when you go out for the evening.
  • Make sure there are no parties happening!

tORB Remote Life is the way for you to regain control of your home. With truly remote accessibility, you are the parent. Even from across the world! You receive e-mail pictures of your home. You can check your home at any time. And you can always know that your family is safe.

Try for yourself the amazing power that Remote Life gives you. Take the first step towards seeing your home in a whole new way. For more information and answers to all of your questions, contact us at t ORB to begin the first step to Remote Life.

Just click on the demos to see Remote Life for yourself.

LIVE demo

FLASH demo

Remote Life

For further information, please contact:
tORB · 9647 Hamilton St., Suite 100 · Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701
Tel: 909.483.3500 · Free: 877.GOT.TORB · Fax: 909.483.3678