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Pet Package

Imagine your cat or dog has just come home from the vets after battling a scary illness. Remote Life allows you to check on your pet throughout the day, even when you are across town!

You now have the power to take care of and keep an eye on your pet even when you are away from home! Remote Life gives you complete control of your home, and it gives you a virtual window to what matters most to you. Complete control, constant contact - a home completely at your command.

Visual Pet is an affordable video system that allows you to monitor your pet from anywhere in the world. Visual Pet systems are designed for monitoring pet areas or other key areas of your choice. The Visual Pet system is perfect for watching over your house and pets while being convenient and easy to use. With Remote Life, you can watch real time, anytime.

Auto Feeder makes your life simpler and your pet happier. Goodbye are the worries about whether your cat or dog gets fed on time! Is your pet on a special eating schedule? Do the kids often forget to feed the family pet? Automate your pet's food bowl with the Auto Feeder. Auto Feeder has 5 compartments for dry or wet food that open at any time you specify over a 96-hour period.

Auto Pet Entry is an electromagnetic pet door that only lets your cat or dog in your house with their very own magnetic key! This door automatically unlocks and allows your cat or dog (or bird??) to push through the flap when it senses the magnetic key on your pet's collar. All other animals will encounter a locked flap. Three additional settings allow you to lock the door, allow your pet to enter but not exit or allow your pet to exit but not enter again.

Bark Stopper stops annoying barking from your dog or your neighbor's dog! Bark Stopper is a humane and effective bark deterrent that quiets noisy dogs without inflicting harm or pain. This revolutionary system automatically detects dog barking and responds by emitting a high-pitched tone that humans can't hear. Although the tone does not cause pain to animals, most dogs don't like it and will stop needless and excessive barking.

Yard Guard protects your yard from unwanted animals. Do the neighborhood cats use your child's sandbox as their personal restroom? These unique motion sensors detect animals and douse them with a tad of water. The Yard Guard keeps even the most daring animals away time and time again - dogs, cats, raccoons, deer and any other pesky critter.

Room Watcher creates a pet-free zone in your home with a module that emits tiny warning tones that only your pet can hear! Don't want the cat on your dining room table chairs? Room Watcher will keep them out of the room and off the table and chairs! Help your furniture, drapes and plants coexist safely with your cat or dog with this sensor that keeps pets away with a series of high-pitched beeps.

Pet Package comes with the following:
1 • Remote Life System
1 • ClearView Web Camera
1 • Auto Pet Entry Door
1 • Room Watcher Sensors
3 • Auto-Feeder
  • Installation & Training
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